Sappir debut album -  Echoes


Sappir début album “Echoes” – Lyrics


Please click the track titles to see lyrics in Hebrew, transliterated English and translated into English.

Where appropriate the sources for the lyrics and music is also listed.

Songs featured on the album that are not listed below are instrumental and are composed, arranged & produced by Sappir.

Track 1 Kol Haolam Kulo
Track 2 Lev Tahor
Track 3 Ani Ma’amin
Track 4 Veshomru
Track 5 Od Yavo
Track 7 Im Eshkochaich
Track 9 Acheinu
Track 10 Adon Olam
Track 11 Tov Lehodot
Track 12 Eitz Chaim
Track 13 Elecha